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What is a Spirit?

What is a Spirit?


A spirit is a living person that has left its body. The body, as we all know, is the glove for the soul.

The soul is the real you.

When our time comes to leave this earth plane, we must leave the glove, the human vehicle behind; allowing the soul to be free and travel to its true home, which is God. Unfortunately, a minority of those that die don’t make the full journey home to God and become “earthbound”. Many reasons keep an earthbound on the earth plane; a mental attachment, a sudden death, wanting to be with loved ones, unfinished business or fear of the afterlife. Without its body, its human vehicle, the soul is just energy. Energy can only be seen by those who are second sighted, mediums or those whom the earthbound wants to be revealed to.

So, this earthbound has now left its earthly shell, the body. No one can see or communicate with it. So the earthbound may attach itself to a place or person. The place then gets haunted or a person gets a spirit attachment or possessed. So now we have a lost soul attached to a person or place, sometimes this earthbound can just be confused or, on the other hand, intentionally attached.

Please keep in mind that this is a spirit attachment and not a malevolent spirit but merely an earthbound.

We shall talk about the naughty ones in another blog.

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