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My First Meeting With Jas Bassi – Reflections Reply

My First Meeting With Jas Bassi – Reflections Reply

Jas Bassi

The following is a response to my Reflections Part 3 post from a client I mentioned within the post.

He was kind enough to reply to the Reflections post, Sometimes I see clients and never get feedback, and years later find out how their journey has been. Always a touching moment when I hear back from my clients.

Whilst on holiday, I had an aggressive encounter with a person where my behaviour was out of character and I couldn’t explain why. The person I had an encounter with sensed an untoward energy that could be a factor in my behaviour. He spoke about Jas Bassi and recommended I see her to try and resolve the occurrences, which of course I laughed off.

As a non-believer in the paranormal, I was literally dragged unwillingly by friends to see Jas.  In the car journey from London to Wolverhampton, there was a constant pain in my chest and an awful sickening feeling in my stomach throughout the two hour drive. Upon arriving as Jas’ office, I felt nervous, anxious, but most surprisingly I felt angry that I had come this far to try something that I had almost no belief in.

Jas immediately sat me down, made me feel comfortable and explained the process of what will happen, to which the words “Right, let’s begin” hit my ear drums. Laying on the couch, I closed my eyes and listened to the calming background music, trying not to think about anything. About ten minutes into the session, I felt an overwhelming sensation of everything moving further and further away from me. I felt the couch that I was laying on began to suck me in! My hands felt like they were pinned to the bed, my feet split apart from each other while being cemented onto the bed. My head fell back to the point where I felt like I was lying at a 40 degree angle, but in reality I had not moved a muscle from when I first laid on the bed.

After experiencing the sensations of being held down and sloped back, I began to feel a feeling that is almost indescribable, like nothing I’d ever felt before. It wasn’t muscle twitch, nor a spasm but I could feel Jas searching through the inside of my body, and anything that didn’t want to be found was moving away. I felt her moving energies from one side of my body to the other in order to remove them as peacefully and respectfully as possible.

Just feeling the energy sources move, had the effect of turning me from a skeptic and non-believer, into an ‘ok this could be real‘! However what happened next has changed my life and the way that I look at life and what we are here to really accomplish. I began to hear a voice, which was a normal thing to me as I heard voices speaking to me daily, influencing what I did throughout my day. However this voice was different, I heard the words “Leave me alone”, which I ignored as I had done with the others. When I heard it for maybe the 5th or 6th time, I told Jas what I could hear being said to me, to which she replied ‘Can I speak to him?’ Giving Jas permission, I had an unexplainable expectation for Jas and this being, to communicate telepathically, through a different realm, through vibrations or something I couldn’t understand why.

Jas asked the question, ‘Are you here to hurt him?’ to which, despite my best efforts to resist conversation, resulted in me speaking the word, “Yes”. This continued over a series of questions and answers, each of which I physically resisted a response, but each resulting in me answering against my will. This conversation went on for a few questions and with each one I was biting my lip tighter and tighter. I even tried to think about a cow eating grass, but I could only say what the energy in me wanted me to respond. Through the process and conversation topics that were not within my knowledge, I felt Jas guide the energy through my arm and out of my body, which left me feeling amazing. I felt a warmth that was like a hug that I can still feel to this day.

Upon waking and standing up, I realised that I had no concept of time, and the session that I thought had lasted five or six minutes, was actually nearly one and a half hours.  I had a hundred and one more questions for Jas, to which she answered with just a smile. I walked in a non-believer and I walked out wanting to change my life for the better – to learn about my soul, my spirituality and what I’m really here to do.

Since I’ve been for the session, I feel like I have a deeper and stronger connection with the angels and my guardians who help me and guide me throughout the day, and whenever I ask them for help.

To finish; Jas Bassi has literally changed my life! From clearing my mind from weird voices and thoughts, my body from its pains and my soul to help me, I have a better understanding of what I need to do to strengthen my relationship with God.

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