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Hauntings – Jas Bassi Video Blog 5

Hauntings – Jas Bassi Video Blog 5


5. Jas Bassi Video Blog – Hauntings

Haunting – Spirits and Souls that haven’t passed over.

So here’s another one, in this blog I’m talking about what happens to people when they leave their body and have physically died. Hauntings is the reference point here and why and how they occur. So this video will highlight all the following; hauntings, earth-bounds, ghosts, spirit attachments, why there is no spiritual progression for ghosts and why one gets an attachment from a ghost. Keep in mind that this video is a gentler one. I’m discussing stories that will allow you to broaden your views on what ghost are, and finally my favourite, what a spirit release therapist does. there is a lot fear around the subject and thats why people don’t want to know.

Keep watching my video blogs so that this profound knowledge can be shared to those who don’t understand it. I have provided these videos, for those who don’t like to read and would rather listen.Video Blog Homepage.

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