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I am not what you would call normal and I never will be, no matter how much I try – it will never happen.

I live this human incarnation and have this great soul plan that comes with huge responsibility. At times it can all be overwhelming, and to call this incarnation difficult would be an understatement. I’m surrounded by challenges and learning, but always try to hold my head high and do the best I can do.

My life would be so much easier if everyone just got on with theirs and took responsibility for their actions. But that would defeat the purpose of choosing to incarnate on Earth, as challenges bring with it accelerated learning.

I marvel at creation and how beautiful each individual is. How God got it right. Nothing is wrong, and all is in divine order. Even amongst the darkness, the chaos and the wars happening all around us, this is the choosing of ‘free will’ and should we exercise our free will for the demise of spirit, then we shall have to pay the karmic consequences that await us. This is God’s justice, and it is perfect, as we are fully responsible for each and every good and bad action, no matter how big or how small.

For those who have felt the divine presence and the knowing that all will be okay – even through the storm – know that there is a God. God will never abandon you, but you must not abandon yourself, your life’s purpose, your responsibilities and your soul’s mission. When each one of us has the dark night of the soul and feel that we can no longer go on, remember that you have chosen to walk this path, to move closer to God, and God will never give you something you can’t handle. We also know that we cannot fail, that faith will override all emotions that we carry.

Faith is a beautiful thing, It makes us whole, makes us believe.

The dark night of the soul is a painful experience; one is emotionally ending their journey, shedding their skin and forming a new layer. I often say that “Gold has to go through fire to be purified,” and the same applies to those who wish to come on the spiritual path of the light. It is the burning of the ego, of the negative self. If only it lasted a night! It can go on for months, as we are broken down and rebuilt into beautiful beings; a pure transformation, a growth that will continue way beyond this lifetime and into the infinite future.

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