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Are You a Skeptic?

Are You a Skeptic?


Hey, I’d love to be one of those. It’s better not knowing than knowing. Trust me, if you know about this stuff, then you have witnessed some sort of paranormal activity, which I think no one should have to. You can call it what you want, but the reality is that we are just soul and energy, filled with many emotions.

If I ever get faced with a skeptic, my response is that I’d love to be in their seat. But what gets me is why would someone who doesn’t believe or acknowledge, then becomes someone who does? Everyone has a right to an opinion, so each to their own. Humans sure are funny.

Everyone is a skeptic until something happens or they experience something that can’t be explained. Like I said earlier, I would never change a skeptic’s mind, as I believe those are the lucky ones who haven’t seen the other side of life.

So why does one who is a skeptic become a believer?

I will share a sample client’s story, and a funny one at that. A young man in his early 30’s decided to book in, to have a healing with myself. I asked him 3 times, in different contexts, if he knew what I did, and on all 3 occasion he replied “Yes”, and didn’t want to hear anymore. Keeping in mind that this person did not believe, and was an atheist. So we began the session, and to his surprise he felt energy throughout his being, without me even laying my hands near him. When he got up he was lost for words. He sat in utter silence and just stared out of the window. Once he collected his thoughts, he merely just left. After a week or so he called to ask, “What that was all about?”

I went on to explain the journey of the soul, which is detailed on other posts within this blog.

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