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How can my clients really reflect on the work I do?

How can my clients really reflect on the work I do?


Reflections Part 2

I’m not here to be idolised or seen as something great, I’m here to help others and do the work I was put on Earth to do. For those receiving a healing for the first time, it can be a profound experience, one that challenges the misconceptions of who we really are and the true nature of reality. Even those receiving healing number two, three or beyond can still walk away bewildered by the sensations, visions, and feelings they experience during a session. There are, on the other hand, a small few who walk through my door a skeptic and leave a skeptic. Their energy is so low or so dense that they report having felt nothing during a session.

That’s fine, as maybe they are so out of tune, they are unable to feel the beautiful work being done to them; or maybe it’s that they just aren’t ready to walk down the spiritual path. Regardless, the work is done and my job complete.

As well as healing people, my job is also to allow others the opportunity to know that there is more to this world than the eye can see. To put people on the spiritual path, to expand consciousness, to show that spiritual laws still exist, and that we are not immune to them.

So how do I see my work?

I see it as the most beautiful and amazing thing, especially when I see powerful results that change people lives. Some of these results happen immediately and some happen over time. It’s amazing to receive positive feedback from people, to know that the work that is being done is so important, and can really change lives. I love deeply the work I do, but it is not without its downsides. There is a darker side to the work, one where individuals are generally just not nice people and have allowed negative things to take place in their life. Through their own negativity, they become an invitation to anything that isn’t positive, and although my door is open to everyone, these people are the hardest to help.

I’m very sensitive to energy, and working on negative clients can be so difficult as it can drain me on every level. On the other hand, working with a client that is positive and that has an open mind, helps me immensely when I’m doing the work.

So what is a typical day?

Today was just another normal day, one in which a young man was going to be visiting, someone that didn’t believe or knew that the work I did even existed. As he was on his way, I conversed with my team of light beings to make sure that everything is done in divine order and with the highest intention. As I looked more into the situation, I became aware that this procedure had to be done in a gentle way, as the young man arrived, I could see the events that had led him to my door had not been pleasant.

He came in and took a seat before proceeding to explain what had been happening to him. Whilst he spoke, I concentrated on his energy field and the types of energies that may be occupying him. With that insight, I asked him if he was ready to receive the work (a kinder word, may I say). As he lay down, I began to see an array of colours streaming from his being, and so began to channel the necessary energy in order to clear him of any negative energies, blockages or imbalances. As I connected with him, I began to scan his energetic body, feeling for problems and communicating with the energies within. I made small talk to distract him and to stop him becoming fearful. He remained calm during the session, which made the work easier to complete, working with my team and with beings from the higher realms, we were able to successfully complete the work.

There was much that had been done, during which he had been able to feel the whole thing. As he slowly sat up and opened his eyes, he looked across at me with a look I’ve seen a thousand times. That look of, What just happened? What did you do? and Who are you? I could see the hundreds of questions racing through his mind, the mixed emotions of excitement, fear, wonder, inspiration; the unraveling of the mind, and of the new reality he now faced.

For many, this can be the start of a new journey, a new reality, one that empowers you and guides you on the spiritual path. For others, it may be a moment to reflect upon, as they sink back into their normal daily routine.

Whatever the outcome, the experiences of the healing can remain profound. With the work complete, I am forever grateful to God for my beautiful gift, and for the opportunities to learn and grow, and to help and teach others.

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