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The Harm Of Lies – Reflections Part 3

The Harm Of Lies – Reflections Part 3


Reflections Part 3-Harm Of Lies

This week has been one of those weeks, where I’ve experienced all sorts and met many different people. Every person that I come into contact with has a different essence about their being. Listening attentively to the words uttered and how they resonate, I am able to make all sorts of connections to their emotions, vibrations and energy centres. I’ve been analysing the harm of lies.

I am able to see if the words they speak are from the heart, the ego or come from another source; words or people telling you their stuff shouldn’t be displaced, and one should look deeper within. I have many people around me that I love listening to, they raise my vibration. Yet there are others that make me feel like I want to run. As we look into the essence of the spoken word, everything we vocalise will be derived from either the vibration of love, or that of fear.

So why the two frequencies?

Everything that exists is energy; people are energy, and I read energy. My own personal experience and opinion has shown that I tune into a person’s soul through the sound of their voice. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and in this instance the voice can be seen as the gateway. Words can be extremely powerful in the frequency in which they are spoken, so I always ask those around to choose their words wisely.

Be aware of the energy you are putting out into the environment and how it may affect those around us. Our children mimic us and those surrounding them. So how would you like to be spoken to? Our words can be used to project anger, to hurt and emotionally damage a person; yet at the same time they can be used to inspire, teach and emotionally uplift people. Choose to speak the frequency of love, not fear. Aggressive people are toxic to the soul, and Liars are even worse. These individuals cloud the truth with pretty words as to gain what they require from a situation or person. An honest person will take what comes their way regardless of consequences.

Lying seems to have become a daily ritual for many, and in the last year I have lost count of the amount that have walked through my door. I kindly remove myself from such negative associations (Sangat), but I understand that sometimes people are in such positions that they cannot do the same. I especially love those that are able to fool the masses with smiles, and words filled with lies, and how people flock to them with their hearts in their hands; or even when lies are covered with tears and the listener is sucked right into the lie and cries for them too. God have mercy!!! We all need to wake up and listen to more than just the words that are spoken – we should sense the vibration and feel the intention.

Lies can be used to save and stop destruction, but also for gain, to control or manipulate others. To save and help can be forgiven, but to harm someone on any vibration has a severe karmic effect. To lie, to control or manipulate another is a sin in itself as the liar is fully aware of what they are doing and has a calculated game plan. The best liars at some point are convinced with their own lies, and tell the story so convincingly that others too are believers. The fool follows the fool.

Vibration and tone carry energy through speech, but what of the words themselves?

The English language is one of the most descriptive on the planet and many of the words we choose can carry a lot of emotional charge, with swear words being one example. I don’t condone swearing, but on occasions have found myself slip up here and there. It is a way of expressing the anger I hold within, and not to be confused with a bad habit. Swearing in any context is not acceptable, but I understand that neither is holding in emotion. Holding in emotion can in turn cause disease, hence why so many people are ill. Be conscious as you speak, and should you feel the need to release emotion through language, choose words that won’t offend, harm or cause negativity in others.

With the power of the spoken word, comes our most important tool – Prayer.

Prayer is one of the most important daily rituals we can perform in our lives. It is the direct connection to the Divine, to God, and with prayer we are able to receive healing, protection and blessings. We should aim to pray and give thanks to God daily. It isn’t something we should do during times of need, we should share and be thankful for our most joyous moments too. When it comes to Prayer, you cannot hide behind words or lies, as God will always know the true intention of what is being spoken. Before you pray, light a candle to raise vibration, and pray slowly and clearly, with the up most intention from your heart. Prey for forgiveness, for thanks, for your family and loved ones, for protection and well-being, and for abundance in your life. Don’t prey for an easy ride but rather the strength to go through the hard times, as through difficult experiences comes accelerated learning, and that is the whole point of us being here. Know that all that happens is in divine order, and prey for thanks for your continued blessings and enlightenment.

So how does this all fit into the bigger picture?

Sound is a vibration, and words are an expression. No matter how many tears are shed or how many forced smiles I see, I will always know the real meaning behind a person’s words, what is their true vibration. It comes back full circle to the famous word EGO. I really dislike this word and wish people could get it right, that ego and confidence should not be mistaken. Ego is seen as ‘I am better’ and confidence is a sense of achievement. It is with ego that we create lies, corruption, bullying and control. I call it the solar plexuses area overload. Ego incurs karma, so diminish the ego and balance your karma. However as we live in a world where everyone wants to be the greatest, wants the best items, with money, power and status, the ego can become the hardest thing to control. Needs and wants should not be gained from the downfall of others or by making them your pawns. Humility is a rare quality which is fast disappearing. Raise your own vibration and the vibration of those around you by living in honesty, and by speaking the truth. Choose your words carefully and be aware of the intention you carry. Become a conscious being, and be conscious of those around you. No matter what you face in life and what challenges are thrown your way, always to choose to rise above them and choose to live in the frequency of love, and not fear.

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