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Soul Plan

Soul Plan

Soul Plan

The unborn/incoming soul is a most amazing and profound subject, definitely more interesting than ghosts, ghouls and the things that make you jump out of your skin.

These beautiful souls ready to start their journey on Planet Earth, awaiting their assignments, their soul plans to start. Some have a long journey and some have a short one, but all will embark on a journey that will test every aspect of their being. A journey that will be added to their Akashic Records (I will discuss Akashic Records in another blog). As an introduction, I’m going to touch upon the subject very gently in this blog, so please bear with me.

When a soul is ready to incarnate and has had its rest period in one of the planes of existence (the place we go between birth and death), the soul will then begin to write its soul plan.The writing of the soul plan will be assisted by an assigned being of light and every aspect in the forthcoming incarnation is discussed, evaluated and amended.

Other souls, some of whom may be a part of your soul group/family,may be chosen to play different parts in the journey of the incarnation. These souls include; family, friends, enemies, teachers and colleagues.

Some of these people will assist and guide you, and some will strain and test you, but all of the good and bad are chosen by you to assist in your learning and growth. It is in challenging times that we are able to learn more about ourselves then at any other time, and ultimately, this is reason we may choose to have difficult lives or experiences, all to aid learning and growth.

As well as incarnating with members of a soul group, individuals from past lives may also come into this plan in an attempt to balance Karma. These individuals may show up time and time again until the Karma between you and them is resolved and lessons learnt. This is true of many relationships going through difficult times, as there can be a build-up of emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy and even hate. Without releasing this energy, without forgiving and without understanding the meaning of these lessons, the Karmic cycle will continue, and these events will keep on appearing either many times within a single life time, or throughout many life times.

When we incarnate, our conscious mind is erased so we are able to feel the individuality of the self. We are able to make our own decisions, and choose best how to overcome the challenges with which we are presented. Many of us feel like we are powerless to the external world around us, yet the truth is everything you experience in life is down to your own choosing; your job, your home, your friends and even your family. Many of the bonds and restrictions we experience in life are placed there by our own fears and insecurities, however every soul has ‘free will’. This is our given birth right, and we have the right to choose at every moment, how we spend our time here on Earth.

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