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Soul Plan Continued

Soul Plan Continued

soul plan

In our continuing look at the topic of soul plans, let’s delve more in depth into how your soul anticipates the schedule of events and opportunities, that you will need to resolve within the incarnation.

Let me start by saying that the terminology used in this blog is done so to humanise things and to make comprehending the information possible.

When discussing the writing of soul plans;leaving the body; the form you take energetically; and the processes that happen within other dimensions, many of these things cannot be comprehended from a human perspective. Therefore it’s important for us to use the most effective terminology possible for you to imagine and comprehend these complex realities. When we do cross over, we are back in the ‘familiar’ and without the restrictions of the human form, we are suddenly able to perceive and understand so much more.

I think it’s also important to understand exactly why we would even want to endure a human incarnation at all. Earth and the human experience is a very unique one; while there are many life forms and dimensions we can incarnate into, the thing that makes Earth special is that the experience is an emotional one. Through this emotion comes love, beauty, creativity and an accelerated learning. While things can get tough here on Earth and emotions run riot, as we touched on in the first blog, it is these experiences that shape us and teach us to grow.

So, as one begins to write this plan, this immense life story from conception to death, we consider what it is we need to learn, what we need to understand to grow and evolve spiritually. Of all things considered, (as discussed in the previous post), you need to consider all the possible people you will meet, how your relationships will turn out, good, bad or ugly. These are all negotiated and agreed with each individual before you incarnate. Your duty as a soul is to achieve and work through all unfinished business, unresolved emotional conflicts from other lifetimes, other places and experiences from other universes/dimensions.

Other considerations will be your gender, race, religion, name, health, parents, life circumstances, residence, marriage partners, children, and of course your life lessons. While it may sound strange that we are responsible for so much in our lives, if you look back across your life now you can easily see how your experiences have shaped everything you know – from the people you’ve met, to the decisions you’ve made, and the person you are today. However this is quite the opposite when looking at your life in the present; why am I going through this? Why is this happening to me? What does the future hold? Questions that will be answered as you find the understanding and meaning in these life events.

As the designated events unfold in your life, you have the free will to choose what course of action you wish to take; you can either handle everything with love, or hostility. Be aware that mental and emotional residue can also be carried over from lifetimes so it is important that whatever your experiences, you practice forgiveness. This also includes forgiving yourself, as this is an important healing tool.

Each soul plan and lifetime is about having the opportunity to balance the book of life or Ledger. All has to be balanced, and all unfinished business has to be resolved. All must be balanced for the soul to return home to The Higher Power, at which point the cycle of life and death will come to an end.

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