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Faith is a difficult subject to tackle. It has many sides, and means different things to different people. On one hand faith can be a beautiful thing, helping people to get through the hardest of times; on the other, it restricts and narrows those who are ruled by ego.

What is faith?
Faith is defined as a person who believes in an idea, view or religion without the means to prove it is true. However, in many of us, how can it be so strong without solid evidence? Could it be that when we incarnate into this life, deep within our subconscious we know exactly who we are and where we came from? Could it be that ‘knowing’ is what guides us and gives us strength and faith, as we go about meeting the challenges we face through life? There are many people on Earth that have never had a spiritual or paranormal experience that would make them question the nature of the reality in which they live, yet many of these same people will have faith in ‘something’, even if they can’t put their finger on what it is – they can just feel it in their heart.

When it comes to religion, faith can be a sensitive subject and many do not want their faith to be questioned or tested. Religion is based upon teachings from spiritual leaders, and in many cases can be traced back thousands of years. As touched upon in previous blogs, when talking about realms outside the human incarnation, it is very difficult to quantify exactly what you experience. Our limited human senses simply can’t comprehend some of the concepts and realities from the other side. So then, as a spiritual teacher, how do you teach such complex knowledge to the masses? This is what gives religion such diversity. The ideas and concepts from each religion can seem vastly different, yet at their core, many are teaching the same things. Prayer, for example, can be performed across different religions in different ways, yet the intention is the same and each will be just as effective.

While all religions will be based on truth, interpretation and religious practices is where they become divided. With teachings that go so far back in time, throughout the ages human manipulation is always going to be inevitable, especially when the word of God can be such a powerful tool in ruling the masses. It is argued that the concept of reincarnation was originally part of Christianity, but during the Roman Empire, leaders had it removed from the religion, as they felt it was too empowering for people.

For a truly spiritual being, you can look at any religion and find the truth.

Religious practices can be just as powerful from one religion to the next. The biggest problem with religion is that it can have a narrowing effect, as people diligently practice and follow ‘one way’. That in itself is not a problem, as everyone will have their comfort zone – what feels right, and resonates with them. However, you should never close your heart or mind to other ideas and knowledge, because as with anything in life, learning and evolution is never ending.

Faith shouldn’t enclose your heart. You should always be open to learn everything the universe has to teach. It’s okay to question the things you already believe in.

We are living in exciting times, a time where the veil is being lifted. We can learn more now than at other time in history, but to do so we need to live with an open heart and mind. In doing so, we will stand to gain a strengthening of our faith.

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