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Holding on to Fear – Jas Bassi Video Blog 6

Holding on to Fear – Jas Bassi Video Blog 6


6. Jas Bassi Video Blog – Holding on to Fear

In this blog I will be discussing fear and the anxiety associated with the unknown. Fear is a common emotion that exists in all or most of people. But many of us don’t know how and where it originates from; these could even be ancestral fears or newborn fears.

What is fear? Where does it come from? Who does it affect? Is it an emotion or a preconceived threat? Does it start with thoughts?

Fear is something that can stop people from living their lives to their full potential.  It’s seeing things or challenges, bigger than they are.  Not until one faces or challenges what they are scared of can they realise that they have this courage.

Courage should not be confused with ego, as ego is a no-no in my dictionary.

Courage should always be seen and handled in a positive manner.

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