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Spirit Release – What is it?

Spirit Release – What is it?

spirit release

Yes, what is it? What really happens? Who does it? Why?

Firstly what is it?
Sprit release is a release of an earthbound spirit from a place or person.

What REALLY happens?
Okay, this is where the nitty gritty gets in.

What really happens is that the person performing the release has to be competent in what they do, or both the Practitioner (the person doing the release) and client can find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, that can result in death. So I wouldn’t try this stuff at home.

Who does it?
I’d say someone who has the means to talk to earthbounds, is trained in that field, someone who is spiritually competent. The Practitioner should and must by all means make sure that both the client and themselves are in a safe place. The Practitioner would then perform the release in a gentle, compassionate way. Some use hypnosis, some who are gifted are able to talk to the earthbound and help them move on. Now, if one is faced with a malevolent spirit, then I would think wisely before proceeding. Leave it to the professionals. I’ve been there done it and it’s not nice. You must know what you’re up against.

But on a gentle note, spirit release for a client can bring so many benefits, it can set the person with the attachment free.

Watch out for the next blog on the benefits of spirit release.

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