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Benefits of Spirit Release

Benefits of Spirit Release

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I should’ve named the title “disadvantages of having an earthbound” as that’s what I’m about to write about.

Well, as soon as a spirit attaches itself to you, it can change your entire destiny within seconds. Seconds?!!? It sure can. I was always under the impression that it would have to travel through the aura before it had any sort of effect on the person; however, this is not the case.

An attachment can be accidental in nature or intentional, but its effects can also vary. The effects can be unexplained fatigue, unexplained depression, sadness, anxiety, hearing voices, addictions, changes in behaviours, memory problems, or unexplained pains and illnesses. Or you feel like something just isn’t right.

Now to the benefits; after the release, one can feel like they are lighter, happier, like they are floating on a cloud.

Sudden onsets and burst of happiness are released through the body. After a spirit release, clients may sometimes feel emotional, as they experience overwhelming freedom. Life just becomes easier, just that little bit easier. It’s keeping the negativity away that is the hardest bit and having a spiritual healing/cleansing is easy. It’s like taking a shower but soon you’re bound to get dirty. So how do you keep up your spiritual hygiene?

Revisit this blog as I will be posting further articles on Spiritual Hygiene over the coming weeks.

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