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Are You ‘Spiritually Hygienic’? – Part 2

Are You ‘Spiritually Hygienic’? – Part 2

spiritually hygienic

But what exactly is it that people are trying to achieve? Is it that they, themselves, are not whole as a person?

May be they lack an aspect within? Don’t confuse this with the need to be around friends and family. They are a part of our lives because we resonate with them on a vibrational level. Instead, I’m talking about those people who constantly want to be with you, cross your boundaries, take up your personal time and space. So are you spiritually hygienic?

Where and how do we draw the line with these people? My phone drives me crazy, people expecting me to listen to them, when they want me there. I would love to hear from someone who wishes to tell me that life is great and that they are doing somersaults. I refuse to watch the news or read newspapers because they are filled with tragedy. I don’t want my mind or my being to be filled with fear.

Like attracts like!

Positive, happy, successful people are those who are living in a state of higher vibration. You will tend to find that they attract what are known as energy vampires. No, not the ones in the films with fangs. Real human ones. I’ve seen and have experienced them, and I’m still running. One has to stay practise spiritual hygiene.

As you can probably gather from the name, an energy vampire is a human being, a living person that feeds off the positive energy of others, leaving the host feeling exhausted, depleted and at times depressed. Most of the time these energy vampires are draining you and unbeknownst to them, many are not even conscious or aware they are doing this. My sympathy goes out to them.

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