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Are You ‘Spiritually Hygienic’? – Part 1

Are You ‘Spiritually Hygienic’? – Part 1


For years I was confused by the real meaning of spiritually hygiene. No matter how many books I read or websites I visited, I never was confused and never really understood it.

Surely it just means to be cleansed of negative energies and when it comes to cleansing? I do it all. I do my daily prayers, burn incense, take Epsom salt baths, smudging – generally the works and maybe a bit more.

Then the coin finally dropped; it was being around negatively charged people or being within a toxic environment that was actually depleting.

We are now living in a fully connected world, where we are constantly bombarded with social media, email, text messaging, phone calls and with the need to be ‘on call’ 24/7, therefore the mind never ceases to take a break.

The mind is connected to the body and when the mind is working around the clock, the body begins to suffer. We can become fatigued, chemically imbalanced and finally waiting to drop, often to the point of exhaustion.

So what is the answer? How does one quiet the mind? You guessed it, meditation.

Meditation stills the mind, it gives you the space to just ‘be’, to switch off and unplug. Personal space is so important, I can’t emphasise enough. In society. People have this need to be wanted. For example, how many of you are guilty for posting something on Facebook, to find that minutes later you are checking the post to see how many likes you got or what people think? As Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, so, here we are, everybody chasing their 15 minutes of fame. In turn, this has created the constantly connected society we live in today.

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