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Sacred scriptures will not bring you any closer to God

Sacred scriptures will not bring you any closer to God

Sacred Scriptures

Sacred scriptures will not bring you any closer to God. Just like good deeds don’t cancel out bad deeds. As bad deeds still need to be balanced. Only ones understanding can help them. I sometimes talk to those, where my words fall on deaf ears. If there is no understanding how can there be words. No healer, scholar or guru can give you understanding that must be gained by ones self. But can one reach an understanding when the dark self of one is more stronger and powerful than the light that is carried. Just because man sits in pray or contemplation it doesn’t make them a righteous person. Only his deeds can make him what he is.

Why does then man after committing sin, think by going to a religious places or doing a good deed, may cleanse him of his sin. That is untrue. The sin remains, the good deed is just a good deed. Remember bad karma cannot be deleted by good deeds. Just like those who sit in holy places believe they will reach God, but God can be reached in any destination. Mankind can be very foolish, only using a certain percentage of the brain. Whilst being equipped with so much knowledge but limited completely by the mind. Even those that feel that they are so intelligent cannot gain the Lords glance, Why? Because some intelligence is not that, it is mans thinking that he is more than that of another man. Yet each is equal. So why does one believe he is greater than the other? It is merely an illusion, illusion of Kal, illusion that one is more powerful in will. Yet we are all here to go back home, which is God. When we arrive through our mothers womb we forget all that we were sent to do, to remember God and to complete our soul plan.

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We are just simple fools who come into earth and believe that this is all that we are and that what we have, gives us ownership. If we don’t belong to ourselves then what belongs to us? If we cannot even plan our expiry date from the physical body, then we merely have no ownership of anything. We are just here experiencing all emotions, creating drama, getting involved in drama and forgetting the whole purpose of our existence. It’s simple. Firstly get to know thee. Only once you know yourself can you know God. I must say that mankind has a funny way of knowing themselves. They are extremely confused and believe that power is what they are. Power is nothing as the true power lies in the feet of the creator. The true essence and love can only be felt there and nowhere else.

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