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Meditation Video

Meditation Video

Meditation Video

Meditation Video From Jas Bassi

Meditate for 30 minutes using my English Audio Soundtrack in this empowering meditation video.

The Video also contains inspirational quotations from the following sources:

Alan Moore, Alan Watts, Alice Bailey, Ashtavakra, Avecenna, Bill Hicks, Bob Marley, Bruce Lee, Carl Jung, Charles Dickens, Chuck D, Chuck Palahniuk, Deepak Chopra, De La Soul, Djwhal Khul, Dr Seuss, Eckhart Tolle, Elizabeth Browning, Emerson, Eric Greitens, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gang Starr, George Harrison, George Michael, Guru Nanak, Harold Klemp, Henry Ford, Isabel Greenberg, Jack Kornfield, Machiavelli, Marcus Aurelius, Mark Twian, Neale Donald Walsch, Neil Gaiman, Noam Chomsky, Norman Cousins, George Orwell, Paul Twitchell, Robert M Pirsig, The Rolling Stones, Rumi, Seneca, Art Speigelman, Stephen King, Steven Biko, Timothy Morton, T S Eliot, Voltaire, Wayne Dyer, Yogananda.

Relax & enjoy

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