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Clearings – Spirit Release

Clearings – Spirit Release

spirit release

Spirit Releasement is a release of spirits, ghosts, discarnates, energy or whatever name you wish to call them. They do exist, and these energies can be found all around us. Spirits vibrate at a much high frequency compared to a normal human beings, which makes them only detectable by specialised equipment or highly sensitized people. For this reason, many of us will go about our daily lives without ever realizing they exist.

Spirits come in many shapes and forms, and it is not uncommon for a person to have what’s known as a spirit attachment, which can be found in the physical body, within the auric field of a person or places.

  • The symptoms for an attachment can vary depending on its form and its severity.
  • You may find you feel unlike your normal self, or perhaps be acting out of character.
  • You may develop emotional problems or perhaps have trouble with a serious addiction.
  • You may experience health issues that can’t seem to be resolved.
  • In more serious cases, you may suffer from lucid dreams or nightmares, hear, see and sense things that don’t belong in the normal world.
  • In rare cases, a person can become fully possessed, and find themselves speaking or moving their body involuntary.

When working with Spirit attachments, with the client being present, Jas uses psychic means to communicate with the attachment and uses various methods to release it to the light. A spirit release can also be carried out through hypnosis, where the client participates in the release with the voice box being used for communication.

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