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Are You Grounded?

Are You Grounded?


Being grounded is a difficult thing to do in a world that is running at a faster pace than most human beings. So what does it mean to be grounded?

It’s bringing your awareness into the here and now, in the present, in your body, to become whole and to align your energy centres. The perfect example I found was “being grounded means being fully present: physically, emotionally and energetically”. It means your mind is not wandering or pulling your energy elsewhere. Your heart and soul are not searching somewhere in the past or looking into the future.

If you’re not grounded, then you’re not fully conscious in the now, therefore you may find that you are forgetful, unfocused, clumsy, or may suffer from brain fog. Things are unclear as you are in a daze from one day to the next, and life can just pass you by. To be successful and to achieve your life’s goals, being grounded is an important tool as the more grounded you are, the more focused you’ll be and the more you’ll live life in a conscious state of being.

There are many ways in which we can ground ourselves, and daily practices can allow us to remain grounded, aligned and focus from one day to the next. In a future blog I’ll cover the different ways in which we are able to stay grounded. In the meantime, take a moment to consciously bring your awareness into the now, your environment, your body, and your emotions.

Stop dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, and bring your thoughts into the present.

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